Hope & Happy Mail

Today I figured that instead of sitting and writing about myself again, I’d write about somebody who inspires me.

Michael (@wireangel) is a man from Utah who has a passion for promoting organ donation and a desire to do something for people waiting on transplant lists, recovering from having had transplants, and for people who have been living donors or families who have donated a loved ones organs after their death.

He creates and sends lovely little things called Wiregrams. I received one a few weeks ago and it makes me smile every time I see it.

My fabulous happy mail!

Anyway, I think Michael and his mission are pretty special, so you should definitely pay him a visit at either his blog, or his Instagram!

A WireGram is a wire art creation, usually a flower, since a lot of Spoonies can’t have real flowers in their rooms, and it’s personalized with a word up to six letters long. The word can be a person’s name, or an inspirational word like courage, hope or breathe. My goal is to make you/your friend smile and forget about your/her or his struggles, even if it’s just for a minute.
Michael (@wireangel)
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