Chapter III: Moving on, and getting there.

‘dMoving on with life!

In early 2013, I finally reached “remission”. The steroids and Rituximab had worked. Although the damage to my kidneys was not repaired, it had stalled. I began to hope that I could start moving on with my life.

Back when I first started treatment, and I realised I was facing a long road over unknown ground, I told myself that if/when I ever reached remission, I would travel to the UK to explore and to visit a close friend who had moved back there to live in the middle of 2011.

By now I’d learnt that life is short, and none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. In light of this, I figured why go on holiday to the UK when I could move there to live?

So that’s exactly what I did. My newly “healthy” 25-year-old self left New Zealand on August 9th 2013, and after a bit of time spent travelling, eventually settled in northern England. For the next couple of months, life was pretty good.