I was born in New Zealand, but have since moved to live in the north of England. Why? Because I could. You have to live your life like that sometimes. Especially when you’re me.

Being a Kiwi means that I call my mother mum instead of mom, that I often forget how strong my accent is, that I celebrate Christmas in summer (or at least I used to!), that Marmite never tastes quite right and that as hilarious as Fawlty Towers is, I’ll probably never completely “get” British humour. It also means I am much more used to earthquakes than I ever imagined I would be!

I love cats, coffee, the colour purple, glittery things, music, craft supplies, travelling, blogging (really just social media in general!) and taking far too many photos.

I also love people, but ultimately I’m an introvert. I think a lot, and I’m still working out how to channel this into wisdom and compassion instead of anxiety.

My inner child escapes on a regular basis. Fortunately for me, I have long since learned how to laugh at myself.

Since 2010, I have suffered from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). It’s too long for one page, but it starts here.