When I started writing again, it was never my intention to write six posts and then abruptly disappear for almost three months! But I did. Whoops.

I know some bloggers, particularly those who write openly about medical conditions or other personal circumstances, say that when they stop writing, that usually means that everything is going well. No news is good news, so to speak.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for me. The day after publishing my last post, I ended up fainting in the supermarket carpark, and being admitted to hospital with a haemoglobin level of 5. For readers lacking in medical knowledge, this is far too low, and unsurprisingly resulted in me experiencing yet another UK first; a rather urgent blood transfusion.

Admittedly I was trying to be a bit funny here, but I really was just as unimpressed as I look!

I think this was one of those situations where you don’t realise how sick you are until you start to feel better. Obviously I knew something wasn’t right (the extreme dizziness was a bit of a clue!), but I had no idea things were as serious as they were – until three units of blood later when I suddenly realised I could think clearly again, and walk without feeling like I was going to pass out!

Eventually they discharged me, with strict instructions to monitor myself and immediately go to my GP if I felt in any way unwell, as well as enough medication to open my own pharmacy!

Long story short, I now take large doses of oral iron each day, have regular IV iron infusions and am being considered for suitability for EPO (Aranesp). Watch this space.

So yes, after that rather scary and unexpected experience, I somehow lost my blogging momentum. I just didn’t feel like writing, or as if I had anything to say.

But you know, new year, new start and all that jazz. Thanks to some friends pestering me to write again, I’ve set myself a goal of posting at least twice a week, so we’ll see.

Here’s to 2016, in which I want to become a lot happier, a little wiser, and maybe even a tiny bit healthier?

NB: On rereading this post I now realise it sounds like the reason I haven’t posted for two months is because I’ve been sick and unhappy the whole time. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all! It was at first, but after a few weeks of new meds, things did start looking up, and on the whole, I haven’t been too bad. I’ve been busy, and my brain’s been full, but that hasn’t been an entirely bad thing!

So yes, although I’ve been quiet, I’m still very much alive, and doing pretty well health-wise, at least by my standards! Life could be a good deal worse.

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