Anxiety, ducks and Weebles.

It’s probably no surprise to readers of this blog that I suffer from anxiety. In fact it was actually the subject of one of my very first posts, a couple of years ago! In between writing that post and writing this one, what has changed? Everything and nothing. Obviously there have been some fairly major […]

The double-edged sword of not looking sick. 

When I was reading the NHS guidance on transplant recipients writing to donor families, I saw that we are allowed to include photographs of ourselves, provided they are free from identifying information like obvious landmarks, name badges, street signs or children in school uniform. After doing some research on social media, I discovered that lots […]

Walking towards Hope

Hi, I’m Holly, and every day of my life I struggle with negativity. For as long as I can remember, even before I got sick, I’ve been more than just a glass half empty person. I’ve been the type of person who worries about leaving the glass somewhere it could tip over and spill, or […]