Walking towards Hope

Hi, I’m Holly, and every day of my life I struggle with negativity. For as long as I can remember, even before I got sick, I’ve been more than just a glass half empty person. I’ve been the type of person who worries about leaving the glass somewhere it could tip over and spill, or […]


When I started writing again, it was never my intention to write six posts and then abruptly disappear for almost three¬†months! But I did. Whoops. I know some bloggers, particularly those who write openly about medical conditions or other personal circumstances, say that when they stop writing, that usually means that everything is going well. […]

Hope & Happy Mail

Today I figured that instead of sitting and writing about myself again, I’d write about somebody who inspires me. Michael (@wireangel) is a man from Utah who has a passion for promoting organ donation and a desire to do something for people waiting on transplant lists, recovering from having had transplants, and¬†for people who have […]


Recently, I went on a weekend retreat for young renal patients, funded by the BKPA and organised by the Young NKF. Going into this weekend, I was nervous. I only knew one other guy who would be there, along with a couple of the organisers. I wasn’t sure how I felt about spending an entire […]