Personality. Perfectionism. Peer Support.

I’ve written many times about the close friendships I have with other people who also have kidney disease. They’re part of my life via a combination of Facebook groups, social media platforms and (my obvious favourite) in-person connections. It’s also no secret that at times my mental health has been extremely poor and these relationships […]

PatientView & Ostriches

When I was first diagnosed, and as I started to understand how serious my condition was, going to clinic, and having the blood tests beforehand, became a massively anxiety-inducing experience. I would absolutely dread it. Even though PatientView was an option, and I had an account, I hardly ever used it. I didn’t want to […]

Eight years, balance, & whether I’d go back.

I was diagnosed eight years ago this week. I remember sitting in the clinic with my parents and having loads of information thrown at us. At that stage there were far more questions than answers. I had absolutely no idea what most of it meant then, let alone what it would continue to mean eight […]

2019: Worthy Achievements vs. Real Life

I need to lose some weight. I should quit smoking. I think I should drink less. I really need to exercise more. I have to get more organised. Yep. It’s here. That strange, slightly awkward, time warp-like period in between Christmas and New Year. The time when we start thinking about what we’re going to […]

NHS Peer Leadership Academy (Part III)

This is Part III of a three-part series about my experience of the NHS Peer Leadership Academy. Click here for Part IĀ and here for Part II. The last two days of the Peer Leadership Academy were awesome and really full-on, but also a tiny bit sad. It’s surprising how well you feel like you get […]