NHS Peer Leadership Academy (Part II)

This is Part II of a three-part series about my experience of the NHS Peer Leadership Academy. Click here for Part I. It’s been sitting in my drafts folder for weeks waiting for me to have time to edit it! The 16th and 17th of October were the second two days of the Peer Leadership […]

NHS Peer Leadership Academy (Part I)

Several months ago, Fiona tagged me in a Tweet about the NHS Peer Leadership Academy. The academy is a personal development programme jointly delivered by the NHS and an organisation called PeopleHub, and is geared towards people with an interest in life with a long-term health condition or disability, whether they’re patients, carers or family […]

demons on the boat

Anxiety, Storms & Demons on the Boat

Sometimes life is very loud. Thoughts, worries, ideas and concerns spin around and around inside my head all at the same time, jumbling together to create a mess of confusion that’s impossible to find a way through. Finding myself in the middle of this mess is often totally overwhelming. I have spent many years in […]

Gratitude & frustration: post-transplant body image

My hair and I are in a long-term love/hate relationship. For many years, I absolutely hated it. I’m adopted, so nobody else in my family had hair as curly as mine, and my parents weren’t particularly adept styling it when I was growing up, so we just kind of ignored that it was the way […]